The mm_ki_6487 module

Module for Keithley 6487 picoammeter. Compatible with the multimeter module.


The support for this device is divided in two modules. The present one manages its picoammeter capabilities, while the second, cmd_ki_6487, manages its voltage source.


cmd_mm_ki_6487.init_mm_ki_6487(mm_ki_6487_id, conf_string)[source]

Initialize mm_ki_6487 power supply identified by mm_ki_6487_id

conf_string must include the parameter:

  • bus: conf_string of the underlying link module (GPIB, TCP, ...)
  • channel: channel on which the id will act

Deinitialize an mm_ki_6487


Configure an mm_ki_6487


Invalidate an mm_ki_6487


Send RST signal to PS

cmd_mm_ki_6487.get_dc_current_mm_ki_6487(mm_ki_6487_id, range='undef', resolution='undef')[source]

Get DC current in Ampers. The optional range can be: auto, 2e-2, 2e-3, 2e-4, 2e-5, 2e-6, 2e-7, 2e-8 or 2e-9 Ampers. When range is undef or absent, it fallbacks to autorange. The optional resolution is the number of power-line cycles that will be used to integrate, followed by PLC (e.g. 10PLC). Any value comprised between 0.01 and 50 (or 60 if mains at 60Hz) is accepted. When resolution is undef or absent, the default value of the instrument (5 or 6) is used. MIN or MAX can be used for both parameters (for resolution, MAX means the highest resolution).

cmd_mm_ki_6487.free_command_mm_ki_6487(mm_ki_6487_id, command)[source]

Send a raw command to the PS


Read error queue until the end (code 0)