Many Pyrame modules present four phases: initialization, configuration, invalidation and deinitialization. which allow them to interact with the abstraction layers. Although not mandatory in general, modules interacting with abstracting layers (e.g. ps or motion) must follow this model.

Initialization must be implemented by an init_MODULE function. It prepares the module to perform its tasks but never communicates with hardware. It can communicate, however, with other modules. Usually, it creates a new object in a pool and initializes variables or properties to the adequate values.

Configuration must be implemented by a config_MODULE function. It finishes the preparation of the module and performs any necessary communication with the hardware.

Invalidation must be implemented by a inval_MODULE function. It prepares the module to be configured once again. It can communicate with hardware.

Deinitialization must be implemented by a deinit_MODULE function. It removes all memory structures that were allocated during initialization. It cannot communicate with hardware.