LakeShore 421 gaussmeter

This module interfaces with the gaussmeter LakeShore 421.

cmd_ls_421.init_ls_421(ls_421_id, conf_string)[source]

Initialize LS_421 gaussmeter.

conf_string must contain the parameters:

  • bus: a conf_string for cmd_serial or cmd_tcp

Deinitialize ls_421_id gaussmeter.

cmd_ls_421.config_ls_421(ls_421_id, Bunits, Bmode, Bfilter)[source]

Configure ls_421_id gaussmeter. Bunits can be G (Gauss) or T (Tesla), Bmode can be 1 (AC) or 0 (DC), Bfilter can be 0 (OFF) or 1 (ON).


Invalidate ls_421_id gaussmeter.


Reset ls_421_id gaussmeter (send *RST command)

cmd_ls_421.measure_ls_421(ls_421_id, Brange)[source]

Take a measure from ls_421_id gaussmeter using range Brange (0 to 3; 0 for the highest, 3 for the lowest)