The pk_xli module

Module for PARKER XLi motion controllers.


cmd_pk_xli.init_pk_xli(pk_xli_id, conf_string)[source]

Initialize PK_XLI motion controller.

conf_string must contain:

  • bus: conf_string of the underlying link module
  • chan: integer for the channel of the axis

Deinitialize and deregister pk_xli motion controller from the pool.

cmd_pk_xli.config_pk_xli(pk_xli_id, pos_max, pos_min)[source]

Configure pk_xli_id axis. pos_max and pos_min define the limits of excursion.

cmd_pk_xli.set_output_pk_xli(pk_xli_id, chan, status)[source]

Set output chan (1 to 8) to status (1 or 0) on pk_xli_id


Invalidate pk_xli_id configuration


Set origin to current position


Get position of the specified axis

cmd_pk_xli.move_pk_xli(pk_xli_id, displacement, velocity, acceleration)[source]

Move by displacement units with the specified maximum velocity

cmd_pk_xli.go_min_pk_xli(pk_xli_id, velocity, acceleration)[source]

Go to the minimum position as defined during the initalization of the axis

cmd_pk_xli.go_max_pk_xli(pk_xli_id, velocity, acceleration)[source]

Go to the maximum position as defined during the initalization of the axis