The ly_lt344 module

Module for LeCroy LT344 Digital Storage Osciolloscopes.


cmd_ly_lt344.init_ly_lt344(ly_lt344_id, dso_hostname)[source]

Initialize ly_lt344 DSO. dso_hostname is the IP address or resolvable network name


Deregister an ly_lt344 from the pool

cmd_ly_lt344.get_data_ly_lt344(ly_lt344_id, sparsing, channel)[source]

Get waveform of channel. channel can be ‘C1’, ‘C2’, ‘C3’, ‘C4’, ‘M1’, ‘M2’, ‘M3’, ‘M4’, ‘TA’, ‘TB’, ‘TC’ or ‘TD’, or a comma-separated list of channels. e.g.: C1,C2,TA. Data is sent back in base64. The sparsing parameter defines the interval between data points. sparsing =4 gets every 4th datapoint.


Clear sweep on DSO


Read error queue