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La physique de l’infiniment grand l’infiniment petit

26/06/2017 : With detective Sherlock Holmes in the museum – hidden secrets revealed nondestructively

20 juin 2017

Le séminaire "With detective Sherlock Holmes in the museum – hidden secrets revealed nondestructively, se déroulera à 11h00, salle Galilée, Bâtiment 713 - CEA Orme des Merisiers

  • Séminaire SCOPI

When we see a piece of art or an archaeological object for the first time, a painting,
a jewel, a sculpture or merely a simple piece of pottery on display in a museum or
in an exhibition, we might be fascinated by its beauty or by its simplicity. The
objects on display (or in the museum’s magazine), were typically found in official
excavations undertaken by archaeologists. But sometimes, archaeological objects
(or paintings) come up on the black market offered to museums, art galleries etc.
Questions arise about its origin, its context, its provenience, its authenticity.
Finding complete answers is a fully interdisciplinary task between art, humanities
and natural sciences. Concerning the contribution from natural science, it often
needs the application of just the best methods and techniques out of a multitude of
possible options, starting from simply viewing with or without a magnifying glass
up to highly sophisticated and advanced techniques developed in atomic physics,
nuclear chemistry, and even bio physics. This will be illustrated by discussing
examples (e.g. paintings, gold finds, manuscripts) which have recently attracted
public interest.

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