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La physique de l’infiniment grand l’infiniment petit

18/03/2024 : Multiboson interactions : from HH searches to EFT SM measurements

18 mars 2024

par Alessandra Cappati (LLR) se déroulera le lundi 18 mars 2024 dans la salle de salle de conférence du LLR à 14h00.


Multiboson interactions are a powerful tool to better characterize the standard model of particle physics. Since the Higgs boson (H) discovery in 2012, the exploration of the Higgs potential has started by leveraging on the direct connection with the production of a pair of Higgs bosons (HH). Numerous HH searches have been performed at the LHC, and with Run2 data the CMS experiment managed to investigate the most rare decay channels, improving the limits on the H self coupling. HH searches can also be used to explore other couplings of the Higgs particle, some of which are usually studied in standard model searches, such as vector boson scattering processes.
In this seminar, I will cover some HH searches performed by the CMS experiment and present a novel study that exploits HH production and final states with multiple Higgs and gauge bosons to set constraints on quartic couplings interpreted with an effective field theory approach.
I will also mention a newly started European COST action, COMETA, that focuses on a comprehensive way of studying multiboson interactions, bringing together theorists, experimentalists, and machine learning experts.