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La physique de l’infiniment grand l’infiniment petit

1/02/2016 : B-tagging and Higgs Associated Production with Top Quarks at ATLAS and CMS

28 janvier 2016

de Dr. Kirill Skovpen (IPHC) se déroulera le lundi 1 février 2016 à 14h00 en salle de conférence du LLR


Identification of b-jets at ATLAS and CMS is crucial for a broad range of physics analyses where b-quarks are present in the final states. A current status of b-tagging algorithms and calibration techniques is discussed along with the future prospects. Study of the top quark interactions with the Higgs boson provides an important information on the top quark Yukawa coupling in the Standard Model and allows one to probe the parameters of the new physics models with the b-tagging playing an important role in the analysis. A review of the latest results for the top quark associated production with the Higgs boson is given.

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