17th Collaboration Meeting
10th - 14th September 2012, Chartres, France

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17th Collaboration Meeting,
10th - 14th September 2012, Chartres, France

The registration fee is 200 €. It covers the meeting rooms hiring, coffee breaks, and Collaboration dinner. Accompanying person fee for the Collaboration dinner is 30 €.

Please note that the place we are going to can not guarantee rooms for registration coming after the 10th of August.

The registration relies on the CNRS system "AZUR Colloque" that we are requested to use for conferences and related payement operations. AZUR formats the registration with two-step process: pre-registration and registration. But to overcome some limitation of this system regarding room booking, we apply an extra step in the pre-registration. The registration process is as follows:
  1. pre-registration and agreement on room reservation:
    1. pre-registration: you will provide information (name, institution, e-mail, etc.) to AZUR; once done, this will generate an e-mail to the local organizing committee that will grant your access to the subsequent registration page.
    2. agreement on room reservation: at the same time you pre-register, please send your room reservation wish, by choosing one of the options 1.1) to 1.8) in the options page, to the local organizing committee. We will let you know if this choice is still available, and iterate if it is not. Single rooms are primarily intended for students and postdocs. Double rooms can be used with single occupancy, at the double room price.
    You kindly understand that above operations for granting access and checking room availabilty are manual, so please allow one working day for responses, depending on the time zone you are in.
  2. registration: once above steps are completed, you will have access to the actual registration page, in which you will select, together with the above agreed room reservation, some other options. You will then proceed to the payment, by credit card or bank transfer. Please, check carefully all the registration fields before submitting your registration. Once the registration has been paid, any corrections will require quite a complicated procedure.
Special cases: For people wishing to stay longer than 6 nights, we will communicate their departure date to Maison Saint Yves. The extra days will be paid directly to Maison Saint Yves. Just inform us of your actual departure date in this case.
Above options are addressing to the most common needs. Other needs will be treated on a case by case basis. Just inform us of your needs.

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